Wells County is composed of a wide variety of communities, each with its own unique advantages and charm. Discover the community that’s right for you by browsing the community links below.



For more than 40 years, Bluffton has enjoyed the distinction of being the “Parlor City of Indiana”. This nickname is well-deserved due to Bluffton’s reputation for being the most beautiful and well-kept city within Indiana.


Markle is located jointly in Wells and Huntington counties, and its position along Interstate 69, U.S. Route 224, 116, and Indiana State Road 3 makes it an ideal location for industrial, retail, and commercial development.


Ossian has a longstanding history of values and being a friendly, caring community. Despite being only 15 miles from the city of Fort Wayne, Ossian offers a small town atmosphere and a genuinely safe place to live for families.


Known for its hard-working residents, Poneto is a community that takes pride in both their work and their values. The rural feel of the town allows for a sense of camaraderie among residents that is not often found in industrialized communities.


Conveniently located within the Fort Wayne Metropolitan area, the town of Uniondale is built around a strong history of manufacturing with the majority of both male and female Uniondale residents working within the manufacturing industry.

Vera Cruz

Despite being the smallest incorporated town in Wells County, Vera Cruz is a town full of character and community. The town was settled in 1841, and it was known by the name of Newville until being renamed to Vera Cruz in 1870.


Zanesville is located jointly in Wells and Allen counties, and its position south of Interstate 469 near Fort Wayne makes it an ideal location for development.